Company Overview

Essential Billing Strategies, Inc (EBS) was created to meet the needs of physicians looking for a billing service that believes in honesty, integrity and commitment. 

You can rest assured that we will always treat your account like it is our most important one, because it is.
We pledge to work hard, fighting for your hard earned dollar every step of the way.
These principles are what have earned success for the members of Essential Billing Strategies, Inc. team for over 25 years.

What is Medical Billing?

According to the AAPC, medical billing translates a healthcare service into a billing claim. The responsibility of the medical biller in a healthcare facility is to follow the claim to ensure the practice receives reimbursement for the work the providers perform. A knowledgeable biller can optimize revenue performance for the practice.

Although a medical biller’s duties vary with the size of the work facility, the biller typically assembles all data concerning the bill. This can include charge entry, claims transmission, payment posting, insurance follow-up, and patient follow-up. Medical billers regularly communicate with physicians and other healthcare professionals to clarify diagnoses or to obtain additional information. The medical biller must understand how to read the medical record and, like the medical coder, be familiar with CPT®, HCPCS Level II and ICD10.

Skills of a Medical Biller

  • Navigate through various insurance rules and regulations to reduce A/R days.
  • Understand the nuances of various types of insurance carriers along with their claim requirements.
  • Provide successful follow-up efforts for A/R including the appeals process for denied claims.
  • Implement best practices for insurance and patient collections while maintaining excellent public relations.
  • Reduce risk by understanding Fair Debt collection practices, professional courtesy regulations, clean claims and timely filing guidelines, refund requirements, and other regulations.
  • Use data and reports as indicators for potential improvement areas.  (SOURCE)


Our Founder

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Suzi Hall, Founder, Essential Billing Strategies, Inc